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  1. TIPS submissions by clicking the TIPS tab above.
    TIPS Guidelines: Please submit in HTML format, verdana font size 2 (or 9pt). Pictures are 400x300 resolution unless details are required then occational 640x480. If you have a home page or a URL to your tip, you may provide the URL. Please follow this write up as a template and format. We no longer accept doc files with a folder of pictures for us to compile as we are limited in resources. We will try to accomodate formats outside of this however it will add delays in publishing as this site is maintained by volunteers and bmw owners like you.

    - If you've found differences in the tools or information due to any existing page, please let us know via email and include the Tip Section, Tip Number, your car's model, year and month built. E39's (BMW 5 series) are not exactly the same depending on model and year.
    - If you are looking for a tip, try our IRC (Chat) or post in the Forums.

    UPDATE Guildlines: If you have an exisiting write up and would like to submit changes, click WebMaster include the Section and Tip Number.
  2. Gallery section, click the GALLERY tab above.
    Gallery Guidelines : You are eligible when a tips has been submitted, accepted and posted. Include in the body of the email the NAME to be displayed and maximum resolution is (800x600 or 640x480 compressed .JPG format). Include the URL of your home page for a link as an option. Multiple pictures are accepted however we may re-compressed for optimal web use. Send all pictures as an zip attachment.
  3. LINKS (ACCESSORIES)submission by clicking LINKS tab above.
    LINKS Guidelines: We accept BMW Related Links from Commercial, BMW Organizations and other Related pages that may be useful for BMW owner. We may or may not use links submitted to us and and links may be rotated off at any time without notice. We do not accept funds for banners or links. Do not request to have your banner on the main page.
  4. To contact us, email us at webmaster by clicking one of the tabs above.

    All items submitted are subject to review prior to posting. We do not verify if a tip is correct or incorrect other than to facilitate the article for others to use. We may remove/update articles or links for convenience at any time without notice. Style of the writeup such as fonts, size, background color may change for Consistency with other posts.
    Please do not submit/request banners, logos or links on the main page.

If you have Technical questions, please post your question(s) on the E39 Forum , M5 Forum , BMWM5 Forum or BIMMERFEST Forum

IRC is a meeting place for BMW Owners like you to take part in a live conversations.

If you've found differences in tools or information from an existing write up, please let us know via email and include the Tip Section, Tip Number, your car's model, year and month built. Not all E39's are exactly the same.

BMWTips was founded by BMW Owner, users like you with similar interest to share tips and ideas within the enthusiast community. runs as a volunteer site without monetary interst and not affiliated with BMW AG or BMW NA.

We look forward to seeing what comes in. Please allow some time for us to update the pages.



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