BMW E39 Aerodynamic Lip Spoiler
Prepared by VietSB
Modified 10.27.02

NOTE: Perform these steps at your own risk. All P/Ns listed are a "best guess", so please double-check with your local dealer. These mods and repairs were performed on my US-Spec 1997 540iA (11/96 prod date, M62 engine) but there is no guarantee they will work on other E39s. These instructions are provided for entertainment purposes only!

BACKGROUND: The BMW supplied instructions are self-explanatory enough so most home mechanics should have almost no problems with installation. Keep in mind this spoiler is intended for early-model E39s which originally came with the stubby spoiler. 2001+ models came stock with a fairly nice spoiler and round fog lights, so I wouldn't even replace it (IMHO). Check the pics below to see if you have the older bodywork.

It's probably recommended to install the spoiler within a couple of days of having it professionally painted to be sure the flex agent hasn't fully cured.

Required Parts:

Required Tools (as listed in instructions):

Recommended Tools:
1. Again, just carefully read and follow the supplied instructions. Here's a before and after pic:

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