1.  Open cover..and locate wiring harness.

2.  Unpack CD Changer. You should get two bags that hold...

a. four short screws

b. two screws with two plastic bushings

3.  Unscrew three packing screws on the changer.

4.  Set Changer position to V(ertical) position (both sides of changer).  Use stickers to cover shipping holes and H(orizontal)/V(ertical) squares.


5.  Install two screws thru bushings and into changer. Screws should be mounted on the sides that will point towards the rear of the trunk.



6.  Slide changer into metal bracket using the bushings as guides.

7.  Fasten other side of changer with two short screws.  Its really short but if you push hard enough it will reach.  You will have two screws left over.


8.  Finished Installation

The BMW OEM CD changer is available from Louie at PacificBMW.com parts department or from Steve Diamond of Eurobuyers.com Cost should be about 400 dollars. If your car is built after March 2001, you might need an extra bracket piece.

By Arnolds - http://www.eagleglenonline.com/bmw/cdchanger.html

Notes by Ray Ripp on Dec 2002

Vehicles with "Premium Sound", also know as DSP, may require a 50 ohm
digital coax cable to run from the CD changer to the DSP Amplifier. Part
number 65-12-8-360-756 CABLE CD ($25.76 at my dealer) will work.

Click here for Instructions in PDF format