Message Title: Cleaned my CD changer, works great now! (m)
Posted by: Bob B on 2002-06-22 at 10:21:19
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My CD Changer was not able to read 1/2 of my CD's and would cut out and skip. I took a look inside and saw all kinds of fuzz.

Time to clean it. You could probably use some kind of cleaning kit but I would never put anything like that in my changer. If you are not mechanically inclined take it to a shop and have it done. The instructions are for a stock CD changer from my 97 540/6.

1. Remove the unit form the car. A couple of 8 mm screws and three plugs and it's out.

2. Remove the bracket.

3. Remove 1 screw from the back of the player holding the small box with the electrical connectors on it. Be careful not to put strain on the connectors.

4. Carefully remove the 2 connectors from the electrical connection box. DO NOT pull on the wires to disconnect the connector. Use a jeweler’s screwdriver and work the plugs free gently!

5. Remove the 4 screws holding the top cover on the unit. Carefully pry between the top and bottom covers and pull the top cover off.

6. Remove the front door assembly by using a small screwdriver to disconnect the tabs on each side. Gently pry around the edges and work the part free.

7. Note the position of the springs on the side of the unit for angle adjustment. Using a pair of needle nose pliers disconnect the springs.

8. Pop the four rubber isolators free by pulling them off the standoffs fro the transport assembly. Be careful with this, there is a ribbon cable that connects the transport to a small circuit board on the bottom cover. This will not be removed during the cleaning. Do not put stress on this or it may be damaged.

9. Place the unit upside down. Looking in the bottom you will see the laser assembly in the center of the unit. Note on one side of the assembly there is a lead screw. Using your thumb turn the gear that drives the lead screw and back it up a bit.

10. There are two Phillips screws holding down little brackets that cover the ends of two guide rods for the laser assembly. Carefully remove the screws and lift the brackets up with a pair of needle nose pliers.

11. You now need to lift the guide rods out. When doing this be careful not to place strain on the fragile ribbon cables that connect the laser assembly. Also do not let the laser assembly drop into the transport. You may damage the lens if you do.

12. Very carefully turn the laser assembly over. Be careful not to damage the fragile ribbon cables.

13. Notice the lens assembly is now facing you. My unit was covered with fuzz. Do not touch the lens! I simply used a bit of compressed air to gently blow the fuzz off the lens. Notice the fine hair like wires that drive the focus assembly. Do not use high pressure when blowing the lens or you may damage this.

14. Once you have the unit cleaned turn the laser assembly over and slip the guide rods back into the laser assembly. Set the guide rods back into the bracket hold downs and place the small brackets back on holding the rods in place. Do not worry about the position of the drive on the lead screw, it is reset as soon as power is connected to the unit.

15. Place the springs back onto the lower case assembly.

16. Set the transport assembly back into the case and connect the springs to the transport with a needle nose pliers from the sides. You can now set the position of the angle adjustment.

17. Push the rubber isolators back onto the standoffs in the transport.

18. Install the door assembly by snapping it back into place on the front of the unit.

19. Place the top cover on the unit and install the four screws holding it down.

20. Connect the cables to the small electrical connector box. Reconnect the box to the changer housing.

21. Put the bracket back on, plug it in and bolt it down.


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