Installing E39 SuperSprint Exhaust

by Jae

Do you want this look for your E39? I ordered a SuperSprint exhaust from Perfomance Automotive. They have a choice between round and square. You can see the differences between the two on my comparison page. Since I had seen the square on Brad Otoupalik's E39, I was hooked. You can also see and hear the SuperSprint exhaust on his business webpage:
The kit before mounting & a comparison of the old and new exhaust systems. The weight difference is huge, but the most important thing to me was the look and the sound. And, boy, does it sound GOOD.
The center resonator removed and the 3" pipe to the cats.
Measuring to make sure the bend will fit well. The bend is a really simple, and I was overcharged for the work. I suspect the price had a lot more to do with the car than the work.

On a recent long trip, with the radio off and cruising at around 80mph, my wife commented that she wanted the radio on so she could not hear the "drone of (my) car." It was then that I realized a) I'm really married. b) why they put the resonator in as stock. So, yes, it is a little louder, but as my wife suggested, the radio works as a fine cover. I do not notice it in daily driving.
Good picture of the new pipe that will replace the center resonator. Soon, this will be mandrel bent 3" pipe. All you have to do is order two 45 degree 3" mandrel bends and any muffler shop can mount the pipe for you. A good place is Bob's Muffler in Cali. Or , you can try this Yahoo search for "mandrel bends." Make sure you use the quotes, otherwise, you'll get stuff about country singin' sisters from people who don't know how to spell Mandrell Sisters. What ever happened to them anyway?
Is it level? A little obsessive compulsion is a good thing. Too much, and you'll put a level on your exhaust. The funniest comment so far was from a colleague who asked, "Now, was the GROUND level?" I about died.

These are just some pictures of the car after it was complete. I had not yet completed the 2001 rear tailight upgrade. The final consensus is that I love it. I love the sound, especially at full throttle. It's been awhile since I have driven an E39 without the Supersprint, but I remember thinking that it was smoother getting to the upper RPM's. I don't know how tho explain this, but there was a little bog on the way up before, while now it just silks right on up there.