Message Title: Homemade super range extender here!
Posted by: StahlGrauM3 on 2002-03-13 at 20:07:43
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This may sound complicated but I promise you, it's a 15 minute job and requires virtually no tools or mechanical aptitude and is well worth the time.

Here is what you do to increase the range of the BMW UGDO (Universal Garage Door Opener) by about 3x. Remove the UGDO unit from the car. Once you have it on the workbench, carefully pry it apart, it unsnaps essentially, so you can get to the circuit board. On the circuit board, you will see a small metal loop, looks like an oval shaped ring. This little thing is your antenna and the reason the range stinks. Now, head up to the kitchen and cut off two, 2"x 12" (or whatever width your aluminum foil roll is). Starting with strip #1, fold it over lengthwise, so you have a 1/2" wide strip that is 12" long. Do the same with strip #2. Now, back to the UGDO.

Take strip #1 and wrap it around several times on one end of the antenna. Once secure, bring it outside the circuit board and wrap it around the unit width-wise and tape it down. Do the same thing with strip #2 on the other side of the antenna. Now reassemble the UGDO. The strips will not be visible once it is installed in the vehicle. Reinstall in the vehicle. Your previously memorized codes will remain in the UGDO's memory and you now have a "supercharged UGDO".

Disclaimer: There is a safety benefit inherint in a short range UGDO, namely that you can't activate a gate or garage door without have direct visual contact with it. This range extender may allow you to activate a gate or door without visual contact--THAT IS HIGHLY UNSAFE AND NOT RECOMMENDED and I will have no liability for any consequences of such action. Also, please understand that I cannot be liable for any damage you may do to your UGDO or your car as a result of this modification.

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