Message Title: MkII - MkIII Conversion Finished Here's the Part #
Posted by: SVTWEB on 2002-03-25 at 12:16:24
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I converted my MkII Navigation system over to the MkIII Navigation system a couple weeks ago. The wide-screen and fast Nav computer make a world of difference. If you have some disposable income, and want to improve you interior This is the way to do it. You can also recoup a vast majority of your funds by selling your old system on ebay to someone who needs the old setup to upgrade their non-nav E39.

The entire project takes about an Hour. Totally Plug and Play. An 8mm, 10mm and Phillips head screwdriver is all that is needed. No wires to fuss with... Read this as EASY!!!! Here's the parts list. As of this writing BMW is NOT selling Remanufactured Nav computers, it seems they want you to spend the big bucks... If you know a dealer who is willing to Fudge a repair order they might be able to get a Reman computer. As it stands Louie at Pacific gave the best pricing on Everything. Here's the parts list....

On Board Monitor Display 16:9 65 52 6 913 385 $1,495.00
Tape Deck 65 52 6 915 518 $475.00
On Board Monitor Frame 65 52 8 385 451 $33.75
Navigation Computer Mk III 65 90 6 915 036 $650.00
Navigation Computer Mk III 65 90 6 920 759 $1,495.00
Mounting Frame, OBM 51 45 7 044 007 $71.25