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Posted by: Jim Cash on 2002-07-25 at 21:42:09
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Ahhh - the Re-initialise process.

Following is the process as it applies to my car (97 model)

If yours is later check the manual - they started putting the proceedure in after several years, and the process may have changed for the latest version of the keys (which I assume you do not have because you have a battery in it).

Jim Cash


Remote Key Re-Initialise - If a key fails to operate remotely, it will have to be re-initialised (all keys in sequence at the same time)

- Get in and “close all doors”

- Turn ignition on & off quickly (no more than 5 seconds) to start the process. Next action must take place within 30 seconds

- First key - hold down button #2 (unlock) while striking button #1 (lock) three times. Release button #2. Confirmed by door lock operation.

- Repeat for second key within 30 seconds of first.

- After last key then cycle the ignition on/off to finalise the process (not necessary to start the engine.

Both keys should now have new "randomly selected" security "code words" - asigned by the car's system.
Those codes will be continuously incremented within the new sequence each time you hit a button. It is when they get out of sequence with the car that they loose the capability to be recognised and you then have to do this again.

That occurs when you take longer than 1 minute changing the battery, or if you hit buttons more often the 1000 times when it is out of range of the car.

Jim Cash