Sway bar install instructions

By Bob B on 2002-11-24

Here are the instructions for installing a sway bar kit on a 97 540. I am not sure how the 528 or 530 differs. It took me 7 hours total. It could probally be done in half this time now. The kit I used was made by Ebiach.

Sway bar install instructions (proceed at your own risk)


1.Put the car on ramps in the rear.
2.Remove the end links. You will need a 16mm wrench to hold the bolt to keep it from spinning while you remove the 15 mm nut holding the bar end to the link.
3.Remove the two brackets holding the bar.
4.Assembly is in reverse. Be sure to center the bar left to right before tightening down the brackets.

1.Jack the car up in the front as high as possible. Place jack stands under the jacking blocks. Do not place them on the cross member in the front.
2.Remove the wheels.
3.Remove the plastic pan.
4.Remove the bolt holding the idler arm to the sub frame, pull the arm away from the frame.
5.Disconnect the ends of the sway bar.
6.Remove the braclets holding the sway bar.
7.Remove the aluminum traction strut and wish bone from the left and right side of the sub frame. There two large aluminum braces held in by 1 bolt each to the sub frame.
8.Remove the three bolts holding the steering gear box to the sub frame. Do not disconnect the lines.
9.There is a small bolt that holds a bracket for the power steering line to the sub frame near the gear box at the front. Remove this bolt and move the line clear.
10.Remove the left and right heat shield from the rear of the sub frame.
11.Remove the bolts holding the engine mounts to the sub frame.
12.Using a sturdy piece of wood under the oil pan gently jack the engine up. Be sure that the wood covers the entire pan.
13.Remove the 6 bolts that hold the sub frame up. The sub frame will probably stay in place until you pull it down. I never completely removed mine, I just got it down far enough to get the bar out.
14.Now you will need to snake the bar out. You will need to move the steering wheel and the linkage around quite a bit to get it out. It’s like a puzzle.
15.Assemble in reverse order.


Bob B
97 540/6
ESS'd 6 lbs o-powerdyne
Ebiach sway bars
UCC short shift
Magnaflow cats
Brembo X drilled rotors
JL audio front,rear and sub
Phillips N

Instructions are avilable in .pdf format swaybar.pdf