Mp3 Install this weekend .
Posted by: :)P eter on 2002-05-28 at 10:28:04
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This weekend I installed the Alpine CHA-S634 Mp3 CD Changer and the Alpine CRA-1667RF Controller. It is a FM Modulation unit and quite honestly, it sounds great. You can not tell that its RF Modulated when listening.All functions continue to work as if it were factory, ie. , mute for phone and steering wheel volume. I am very pleased with the install/product and took a bunch of pictures. Its a lot of work to get the control unit to look like it belongs in this car. I had to rip apart the center console as Im a stickler for factory look installs. Without getting into detailed text Ill just post the pictures I took. They are pretty self explanatory. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly but warn you the install is quite a job. Here goes ....Lets hope the pictures work



To get access to the tray I installed the changer head in ,I had to take apart the console. First I removed the NAV screen ,the air conditioner/heater controls and the switch panel and cup holders. After this I removed the frame that holds them and finally I gained access to the tray. I also had to get the console panel out of the way.  To do this I pulled up the shifter boot and gained access to two screws just in front of the shifter . The third screw is under the flasher button. Once all this is cleared its pretty self explanatory.

Now the tray comes out and I cut the template out with a rotozip tool. The tough part about this is the space beneath the tray.Directly under the tray is a cross section of console that is about ľ inch thick. This has to be cut with the rotozip as well as the ac/heat duct that goes all the way thru to the rear of the console. What I did was cut the top of the duct off as well as some side clearance and then silicone in a piece of plastic that effectively lowered the top of the duct to allow for the tray to clear with the frame.

Once I had the console set I continued the wiring under the console to the rear. I had no choice at this time but to allow an inch of cable to show before I slit the rug and tucked the cable thru the hole and under the rear seat . The cable length allowed me to get the control box just to the rear seat armrest opening when I mounted it to the wall with two way tape. I used the existing hole to let the wires through to the trunk where I connected them to the changer and used my Infinity Basslink for power

Here are some pictures of the final product.I must say that it looks great ,as close to factory as I could get .It has great sound,no hiss or anything that would lead you to believe that its not anything but the FM radio. And I must admit , as goofy as I thought the remote would be, its actually pretty  handy when driving so you donít have to play with the smaller control buttons. Thanks to all of you who inspired me to take on this project.