2001 headlight harness final parts list

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Posted by NY2OCJeff on February 16, 2001 at 18:55:13:

This list includes the part numbers for the three required parts to make your own adapter harness. One piece is the plastic connector itself, another is the wire with pin connection on each end that you cut in half and use as two wires, and the third is the neoprene, barrel-shaped boot that goes around the wire and seals it to the connector.
4 connector 1J0-973-722 5.65 22.60
4 pin w/wire 000-979-133-A 2.05 8.20
8 neoprene boot GM # 12048087 .31 2.48
Total Cost: about $33
Remember, the neoprene boots are General Motors part #'s. All part prices are at full list price. You can probably buy a little less expensively. Also, remove the pink plastic clip at inside the Audi connector so that the new bulb sockets can insert far enough into the connector to reach the orange neoprene seal that makes the connection water-tight and weather-proof.