My experiences with the differrent brake pads!

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Posted by Saman on August 25, 2001 at 08:22:55:

For the past two years or so, I've been in search of the perfect break pads,ie. no noise, no warping of my rotors, good grip, and very important dustless. Here is what I've tried.

1)OEM pads: We all know, they are rotor friendly, ok grip, but dust like crazy. This is why we all try to upgrade.

2) Mintex C-pads: Grip better than oem, dust was reduced about 50%, but warped my rotors in 3 months. And minimal noise.

3) PBR/AXXIX Delux pads: Put these on my brother's 325.Very rotor friendly, no noise, dust was the best about %75 reduced. Grip was about oem's level.

4) EBC green stuff: I f*&%ing hate this pad. After installing new rotors and this pad, the dust was just a tad bit less than oem (10-20%), was noisy as hell, and warped my rotors in 2 months. Piece of Shit.

5)I just replace my front rotors with Balo rotors, from Germany. I have heard they are very strong and do not warp. And a set of porterfield brakes rs4. It has only been about a week. There is some squeeking, the grip is quite good, but it is not as dustless as I thought it would be for a set of $169 pads. With oem after two days of driving you notice visible dust, with this about 4 days. So maybe about 50% less, not as good as the PBR delux pads.

Conclusion: I wish they made the PBR delux pads for the E39 front, they make it for the rear as of now. They are great pads, unless you are on the track. Stay the hell away from EBC. Now, some people have said they have tried the Red stuff from EBC and it is good, but I don't know. Mintex is not that great either. Porterfield is ok, but I don't know long term what it will do to my Balo rotors. I hope this helps everybody that is always asking this question. If you have any experience with any other pads, please add info. Thanks.

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