Cassette Door Fix.

by Lefty

Okay here's the problem the cassette door snap right up instead of slowly sliding up like it used to.  The best way to fix this is to take it to the dealer.  The dealer will charge you $300 plus labor to fix it.  So, being the cheap ass that I am, I came up with the following.

New Note: here's what Dan B says.


"Folding Partition Damper"

There is one of these on the right side. You just need to take the radio out, unscrew the chassis (including the two bolts underneath the wood trim on the immediate left and right of the radio), and take the chassis out. Then pop off the old "folding partition damper" and pop in the new one.


The fix is easy get some sticky stuff and keep adding it till the oil pot stops spinning in my case double sided tape.  I just jammed some in.

Man it's ugly.  Just don't remove your stereo too often and show your friends and you'll be all right.

Addendum : Aug - 2002

Instead of stuffing tape into the space, I oriented the dashpot into its normal position (with the broken tabs in their holes), and stuffed two tongue depressors into the space to hold the dashpot in place. Then, I slathered some epoxy onto the dashpot and its bracket to form a fillet. I managed to get epoxy onto almost half of the circumference of the dashpot.

Let the epoxy harden, and remove the depressors.

--- Ed Jacklitch