NAV Demo Mode, Discovered a new trick(m)

Posted by: John C on 2002-04-29 at 00:08:53
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The NAV System has a built in demo mode, I discovered it by accident tonight. To get a NAV demo with the MK II System, follow these steps...

1) Key in position 1
2) Press the 'Accept' button to access the Menu Screen
3) Make certain your present location is know by the system ( select EMERGENCY from the main MENU, the street name must appear from the demo to work.
4) Select GPS
5) Enter a destination
6) Press and hold the MENU button for about 1 second, this will bring you back to the main menu
7) Select GPS to watch the NAV DEMO, if you select ROUTE MAP, you will see and hear your car travel the route to the selected destination.

To cancel the demo, simply start the car or turn off the key.