2001 Rear Fog Install Updates


Contributed By Dave Rodziewicz


The original document for installation of rear fogs is amazingly accurate and helpful even with installation on newer cars.  A little digging determined that the Lamp Control Module (LCM) on my 2001 530i is identical to the euro-spec cars.  This fact makes the upgrade as straight-forward as the previous version. 


It is awesome that an additional safety capability exists in these cars.  That feature only requires about forty-five feet of wire, a few inexpensive parts, and a few hours to enable.


The 2001-later style switch operates differently that the earlier cars.  The rear fog setting is a momentary contact.  The switch toggles rear fogs on and off and also resets when you turn off the main headlight switch or turn off the car.


Quick Tip – when you insert contacts into these connectors you must remove a protective cover in order for the contact to correctly seat.  Look carefully at the other contacts in the connector as a guide.  This observation will not apply to connectors X12/X38, using needle nose pliers, force these forward until they seat.  Again, look at the other contacts to ensure that orientation is the same.


Modified Parts List:


Quantity          Part Number               Description


            1          61-31-6-903-953        Fog lamp switch bezel

            1          61-31-6-901-342        Fog lamp switch (euro part)

            2          07-50-9-063-574        bulbs (common 11w backup or brake light bulbs)

            2          63-21-1-379-399        bulb sockets (again identical to backup/brake lt)

            2          61-13-0-006-663        contacts (fog lamp sw & LCM input connector)

            2          61-13-1-376-202        contacts (LCM output to connectors X12/X38)

            2          61-13-0-006-626        contacts (2001, later taillights)

1                                              45 feet of 18 gauge wire, blue in color

25ish                                        small tie wraps


Modified Procedures:


1)      Phase One Mods - The rear light assemblies are slightly different.  Although pre-wired for fogs, I’ve found no elegant way to mate the connector to the US assembly.  On one I simply broke out the plastic with a screwdriver, on the other I carefully used a dremel tool trying to match the contours of the backup and brake light orifices.  No dice.  Once you are able to fit the bulb into the housing, ensure the socket can make contact with the assembly; then call this step done.  We will wedge the sockets in place after they are reinstalled into the car.


2)      Phase Two Mods - 

Steps 2 through 8: Use two lengths of 18 feet of wire instead of the listed 15, hold off on soldering for a moment.  I found it easier to run the wire from the front to the trunk, although this could be preference.  I also have fold down rear seats and the grommets work differently.

Steps 10 through 16: I did not remove the front seat, in my opinion this is optional.  Instead, I removed the front and rear kick panels, the center panel, the under-dash kick panel and the forward right front kick panel.  This allowed me access to follow the factory wiring harness when I pulled back the carpet.  I used wire ties to secure the new wires to the factory harness.  Now is a good time to carefully tuck and tie from front to back.

Step17: attach the remaining wire (about 7 feet) to one of the 61-13-0-006-663 contacts and hold – I will have a short-cut to routing this wire to the switch.



3)      Phase Three Mods – Steps 3 through 6: There is a short-cut available here.  Although there is the possibility of introducing a dash rattle, I didn’t judge the risk to be great.  I also didn’t have a problem after the install.  Keep in mind that our objective is to route a piece of wire from the location of the new fog light switch to the location of the LCM.  Start by opening passenger door of the vehicle, kneel on the ground and open the glove box.  With a flashlight notice a gap on the front left top corner of the glove box that aims toward the  left side of the dash.  Using a coat-hanger (or fish tape, wire guiding rod or equivalent)  guide through toward the dash opening behind the fog light switch.  When you see the hanger pass by the opening, grab it with a set of needle nose pliers, tape one side of the wire to the hanger and pull through to the dash opening.  Solder or crimp connect the other 61-13-0-006-663 contact onto the fog light switch side of the wire, insert per original directions, and insert connector into switch.  Route other side of wire along the left side of glove box, then down behind carpet toward LCM.  Insert contact into center LCM connector, don’t freak – pin 45 is clearly marked when you carefully take the cover off this connector.  Attach all LCM connectors, ensure that you have no bare wire showing.  This is a good time to test your work (i.e., before you tuck in the LCM and cover up the switch). 


4)      Now that the yellow rear fog indicator is showing, your rear fogs are on, and you have a huge smile; you can zip tie, tuck and clean up any remaining stuff.


Finally, a word of caution.  Rear fogs are not a styling statement, they are a safety feature.  Consider their use like four-way warning flashers.  In other words, use them in fog, rain, or other reduced visibility situations…only. 


Drive safe.