98 540i Sport Steering Wheel Installed! It works! 
Posted by: CT Rob on 2001-11-23 at 14:28:09
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Believe it or not, there is an M-Technic wheel that will fit a '98 540i, allow continued use of an airbag and all of the buttons (radio, phone, cruise control). NOTE: The ETK CD allegedly has the wrong part number for the wheel -- these are the parts successfully installed on my car: 

Wheel: 32-34-2-228-671 
Airbag: 32-34-2-229-130 

I had it installed by BMW of Darien this morning and it took them less than an hour to do, including resetting the computer. 

The phone answer button has the voice recognition head icon on it instead of the handset icon. No recirculate button on any of the sport wheels, of course. The new wheel has the cool 3-color stitching and feels great. 

'98 540i-6