BMW E39 Siren Replacement

Prepared by VietSB - 01.03.02

1. Purchase one of the following from BMW:
- P/N 65 75 8 383 153 (new-style "plain roadrunner beep" siren - $74 from
- P/N 65 75 8 368 267 (old-style "wolf whistle" siren)

2. Remove passenger-side rear tire.
3. Remove (3) plastic body fasteners towards the rear of the fender liner. Use pliers to carefully pull out the center pin which releases the fastener. Note: Not all fasteners are shown in the picture.

4. Remove (2) 10mm plastic nuts in the middle of fender liner, next to the shock.
5. Remove (3) 8mm bolts in the front underside of the fender liner.
6. Remove the fender liner working from the back to the front. Use careful navigation and some strategic tugging.
7. Pay careful attention to the black plastic hose (Pic #1) clipped to the fender liner and leading to the fuel filler overflow. It should detach on its own from the fuel filler area above (Pic #2).

8. The original siren will be in the rear of the wheel well (Pic #1). Unplug the wiring harness and remove the (2) 10mm plastic nuts that hold the mounting bracket in place (Pic #2). This will release the siren from the car.

9. Remove the 10mm nut holding the bracket to the back of the siren.

10. Install the bracket onto the new siren. It is keyed so the bracket can only be installed one way.
11. Reverse the steps to install the new siren and reassemble the car. Don't over-torque and strip the plastic nuts.
12. Before installing the fender liner, I unclipped the black plastic hose from the side of the liner and connected it back up to the fuel filler overflow hole (Step 7-Pic #2). After I had the fender liner 80% in place, I carefully clipped the plastic hose back to the liner, and used a flashlight to be sure it was still attached to the fuel filler hole.

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