BMW DSP Woofer System

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(2000 540iA version)

Wiring Diagram Available Here

Well I've been looking for documentation on the DSP system ever since I ordered my car.  No one was able to provide full pictures of the woofer enclosure.  So I have now taken pictures of the enclosure and documented sizes for everyone to enjoy.

After removing the enclosure I measured that I can place a 32 5/8" wide x 16.5" tall custom sealed enclosure to fire through the armrest into the cabin.  (I plan to place a 12" Square Kicker Solobaric into the enclosure I build) 

(See Comments Between Pictures)


Enclosure in stock location hanging from deck

Removable with 5/16" socket and flathead screwdriver from trunk

3 Screws Removed drops the carpet upholstery down (Do not pull off yet!)

Enclosure completely removed (4 screws and two snapin plugs)

NOKIA DSP Woofer Enclosure and carpet upholstery

NOKIA Enclosure standing upright to show bottom

Bottom of Enclosure removed to reveal two 5" woofers

Right side woofer removed - 8/8 ohm 5" Woofer

5" Woofer (5 5/8" Spacing diagonally across cone between mounting holes)

Hole that the driver sits in (polyfill inside)  2.75" MAX Depth (Stock is 2 5/8" Deep)

LEFT - Woofer Wiring Harness   RIGHT - Large hole that enclosure vents into cabin through)

BMW Navigation System Mounts through cover