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Stock then SuperSprint then Dinan

BB Triflow









Exhaust - BMW

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There are so many BMW aftermarket companies each offering their own exhaust system which are supposedly freer flowing than stock systems. Combined with a good set of headers, you may develop some noticeable increases in torque and horsepower. We've compiled a list of cat-back exhaust manufacturers and given you our opinions on each, based on personal experiences as well as information that we have gathered from email submissions.

Price Key:
Affordable: $200 - $400
Moderate: $400 - 700
Expensive: $700 - $1000


  Price Sound (Idle, Driving) Construction Appearance
AC Schnitzer Expensive no info yet steel Black Matte Muffler with Square tips.
Active Autowerke Moderate Nice rumble in idle, very smooth and controlled (Ferrari sounding) mid RPM to wide open exhaust note. stainless steel Mirror finish stainless steel.   One of a kind "stealthy" custom fit.  Custom designed for a PERFECT FIT on E36's.  Slightly larger rolled twin circular tips.  Dyno proven 10hp.
ANSA Extremely Affordable Quiet Idle, Stock Sounding steel Real Ugly Orange.
ES Tuning Affordable Nice rumble in idle, Smooth Moderate Loudness stainless steel Nicely polished stainless steel finish.  Straight cut DTM Tips.
Dinan Expensive Quiet idle, Slightly more rumble than Stock steel Remanufactured Stock E36 M3 exhaust with reduced baffling.
Genie Expensive Deep Idle, Moderate Loudness stainless steel Nicely polished stainless steel finish. Single Oval Rolled tip or Dual Straight Cut DTM tips available.
Hartge Moderate Soft, Smooth Hum stainless steel Nice looking Oval Dual tips (almost rectangular in shape)
HKS Moderate Deep idle, Moderate Smooth loudness stainless steel Very nice looking single thin-walled round tip with a round muffler. Polished finished. Although new in the european market, it is a very nice exhaust system.  Dyno proven 12hp.
Momo Corse Expensive Nice Rumble in Idle, Deep "Throaty" Tones stainless steel Dual round chrome tips.
Remus Moderate Soft Idle, Moderate galvanized steel
Experienced rusting problems along the welds.
Real NICE looking Dual (square-like) rolled tip. You can see the meshed resonator baffling inside the tip. (available in Carbon Fiber).
Scorpion Affordable Deep Idle, soft to moderate droning mid-high range T304 stainless steel with mig welded parts 3" Dual DTM Tips
Sebring Affordable Soft Idle, Smooth Rumble stainless steel Looks Stock (optional chrome tip)
Stromung Moderate Soft Idle, Moderately Loud polished stainless steel
Dual Standard Tips
Supersprint Expenisve Soft, Smooth Hum stainless steel Dual standard or curved DTM tips. NOT a TRUE DTM look! It is merely an upward mandrel bend that simulates the DTM look. They may have corrected this with straight cut DTM tips already.
Tri-Flo Expensive Deep Burbly Idle, Loud "Throaty" sound. Almost unbearably loud. stainless steel
Experienced rusting problems along the welds.
Dual standard or angled tips. (available in a single round or oval angled rolled tip)

* One thing to consider: Although horsepower/torque gains are not guranteed, the weight savings that you may incur from some of these lightweight aftermarket exhausts (ie. Supersprint Carbon Fiber exh.), is a performance gain in itself.