Growl from Engine
Posted by: Jim Cash on 2001-11-24 at 12:22:24
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OK, I know many people like to make the engine sound louder, but in this case I think I have found a problem that may be causing it, but not the best way to achieve it.

This may only apply directly to the 97/98 models, but others may be similar.

Over the past few months I noticed that the engine seemed to growl a little louder when accelerating. Sort of similar to a muted version of that sound you used to get when you turned the cover upside down on those old round air filter boxes so that the outside of the filter was open to the air.

A lot of thoughts go through your mind as ou try to think what could be causing this, so if any of you are, I thought I might drop a message about what I found.

I kept wondering if it was a problem with the resonator box below the intake duct (kept checking the rubber tube connector and making sure the system was properly secured.

Then I noticed that the Air Mass sensor seemed to rotate much more easily than it used to - at the end where it goes into the filter box.

Pulled it apart and found that the large O Ring (just inside the filter box outlet tube) was significanlty flattened.
Did a tempory repair with a wrap of tape around the air sensor where it goes into the filter box, and also vaseline on the ring to help it seal and - hey much more quiet (which is the way I prefer it).

Hope I was not sucking in too much unfiltered air.

Will order a new ring (part # 13 71 1 731 893) next week.

Why is it always the diagnosis that is the hard part?

Jim Cash