Message Title: Re: Fold down rear seats
Posted by: Jim Cash on 2002-06-30 at 10:02:21
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The "thru load" feature can be a god send, but yes many have experienced creaking noises that seem to be attributed to the seats.

Mine do creak at times - following are my thoughts.

Creaking sounds are caused by leather against leather movement where the units make contact (bottoms and sides).

Attempts to resolve this by application of leather conditioner can solve it for a while, but may actually make the situation much worse depending on what product and how much is used. If it remains on the surface and dries then it can become sticky - then things get real noisy on any body movement.

Some other factors can affect the amount of movement the seat backs make.

Between the seats is a bracket clamp that holds the mounting pin at that point. If that is loose, or even if there is some play there that allows the mounting pin to move up and down slightly then that allows movement. Use a flexable plastic material to make a shim to hold that more tight then tightening the bracket bolt.

The outside mounting pins also have too much play in the mounitng brackets - in this case I put a wrap of hard aluminum tape to make the pin slightly larger so it fits snugly in the bracket.

The catch brackets (protruding from the trunk) are adjustable. Loosen the bolts and tap then backward slightlty. Keep putting it back till the seat no longer locks (red pin still sticks up) then pull them forward again so the seat just locks with red pin out of site)

There can be many other causes of creaking noises in the rear that are often attributed to the thru load seats.

- door catch
- door moldings and door interior trim panel
- plastic sill plate
- seat bottom on plastic moulding at side entrance
- fold down storage pockets on back of front seats
- seat panels on back of front seats
- movement of some components in the package shelf.

Have fun.

Jim Cash