Douglas Type 49-675

By Jim C, Gwynne Spencer, DanB and Mola.

Batteries that fits BMW E39 from year 1997 ~ 2002 US. BMW 525i, 528i, 530i, 540i

The following battery works with the above BMW Cars as a replacement. You could call around using the yellow pages for these batteries in your City.
Battery Brand Model Price Similar size to BMW Vent Hole URL Telephone
Douglas 49-675 $89.00 Yes Yes  800-368-4527 
Diehard Group 49, 805 CCA $99.00 Yes Yes Sears Auto Center

I paid $89.12 installed in San Diego last month though it doesn't say "BMW" on it. I heard Douglas is a bigger name in the east than the west. Call them at 800-368-4527 to locate a distributor. Visit their site at

Jim C

BMW batteries are made by Douglas Batteries, a USA corporation. Just look in the yellow pages for battery suppliers and call around until you find a Douglas dealer. The battery for my '97 540i cost me a little over $90 this last July and was identical to the original (the original said "made for BMW by Douglas Batteries" - the new one just said Douglas Battery) I also did the same for my '94 530i when it was 3 years old.

Gwynne Spencer

Total was $85.03, and the battery is IDENTICAL to the one I took out of the car. (Except you can't open up the "hatches" to add water, and there is no roundel sticker)