Dash wind noise for BMW 5 Series (E39)

by Jim Cash on July 04, 1999

This may sound odd but there is a recognised issue of wind noise - that "seems" to come from around the windshield area.

Problem cab be caused by a missing "jacking block". Look under the body at both ends of the sill - where you are supposed to place the jack when lifting the car. there should be small retangular plastic blocks where the jack goes. these are held onto the body with a part of the block that sticks up into a small hole in the body.

If one or more of those blocks is missing apparently the air russing past the open hole in the body is heard as wind noise around the windshield.

Otherwise be suspecious of the sunroof - close the interior panel and see if the problem changes.

And of course make sure the windows are all the way up. Sometimes when unlocking the passenger doors you accidently activate the opening of the windows - for a fraction of a second. They do not look open but they are down just enough that you get a wind noise.

Hope that helps

Jim Cash

Update By alcalira

This can also be caused by a broken or missing "valance." This is the black plastic piece that extends from the front of the front wheel wells to down below the front bumper and links up with the belly pan. If it is broken or missing, at higher speeds air gets up into the windshield pillars and makes a rumbling sound. It's a $40.00 part and an easy DIY install.