BMW Navigation System Service Mode

Jack Shu posted some info on the E46 forum on accessing the hidden menu. (hint: go to menu, select SET, hold down menu button for 20-30 seconds)

I don't have any info on any of the available functions, so you're on your own if you break something.

The Video module selection does not appear to do anything :(

I heard the necessary hardware for video (ie TV) isn't installed. I don't know any more about this. If you have any info on video or any other hidden functions please let me know.

I've taken some pictures of the screens.

Set Menu - Start from here. This is also how you'd check the software version (SW 2-1/28).

Service Mode menu - This is what you should see after entering the Service Mode

On Board Monitor screen

Click on Functions (note Version is also the same screen)

Click on Key Functions

Click on Brightness


return, then select GPS

Click on Functions (note Version is the same screen)

Click on GPS status

Click on GPS tracking info

return, then select Sensor check

return, then select Telematics settings

You can actually input some of your own data such as Lic. plate and Color.


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TV upgrade option for NAV system

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Posted by SVTWEB on December 19, 2000 at 08:59:29:


If there is one question (besides Jimmy's bulbs) that gets beat into the ground it's "HOW DO I GET TV IN ON THE NAV SCREEN?!?!?"

Well, after a couple months of research, and a major helping hand from my freind in Norway. I now have the answer.

To all those with the MK II Navigation systems (Female Voice) it is a very simple installation as long as your dealer follows the coding procedure in the manual. BMW offers a "Video Retrofit Kit" I should have the kit here Thursday, but Ole (Thanks man) scanned the instruction manual for me ahead of time.

3 parts, that's the entire kit. The instructions spoke about wires hidde behind panels and sure enough THEY ARE IN THE CAR. Hopefully I will be able to give everyone a full installation update with pictures sometime this weekend.

Here's the kit Part #65 50 0 007 861

It's not available in the US or Canada, but if someone is going to Europe, stop at a dealer on the first day there and see if they can send it stateside when it arrives. Good luck.