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Posted by jimd on November 04, 2000 at 10:32:04:

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Is it easy to add on the Park Distance Control? I saw them at PacificBMW for $400+ . What is the difference between the add-on vs one that comes with the car?


Having just spent last weekend installing one, I can comment on installation. First, the car is not at all "pre-wired" for the PDC. The installation involves the following:

1. Removing the rear bumper completely (not just the black rub strip)
2. Running a wiring harness thru the bumper.
3. Removing and replacing the rub strip with one designed to accomodate the ultrasonic sensors.
4. Drilling a 40 mm (about 1 1/2 in.) diameter hole below the right rear tail light to pass the wiring harness thru (a very scarey operation, for me, at least. Like performing surgery on your baby!).
5. Removing the rear package shelf (which means removing the rear seats, head restraints, C pillar panels, child seat tethers, etc.)
6. Installing a small speaker next to the brake light on the rear panel.
7. Running a second wiring harness from the trunk into the passenger compartment and along the rear window to connect to the speaker.
8. Tapping into the fuse block above the battery.
9. Running the power harness across the back of the trunk to the left side of the car to tap into the I-bus wiring.
10. Mounting the PDC control unit above the battery.
11. Re-assembling everything.

Given the somewhat cryptic instructions, and the fact that the actual wiring did not match what was described in the instructions, it is a pretty time-consuming project.

Concerning whether it is any different from the factory installed version: I haven't seen the factory installed one, but my guess is that they are pretty much the same.