Very Easy upgrade (m)

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Posted by DHoang on October 30, 2000 at 10:33:13:

In Reply to: Lighted gear shift knob posted by Krellboy on October 30, 2000 at 00:00:54:

To replace existing shift knob:

1) Pull old knob off of shaft, in direction parallel to length of shaft. It's held onto the metal shaft by 4 semi-circular plastic snaps, so don't be surprised if you yank w/ all of your might and fail the first time. Persevere.

2) Remove leather dust boot cover. Pull up on two corners at the bottom perimeter of boot where it mates to the console. Pull the other two corners and the dust boot cover removes completely. Remove this boot completely from shaft

To tap into 12v power:

3) Remove the tray w/ the scrolling cover (located between the armrest and the ashtray). It pulls out in direction perpendicular to the mating surface. Again, persevere, for it mates to the console by fastening grooves around the perimeter opening, which means alot of surface area under contact. Underneath this tray, you will find a power wire that can be tapped to power the ligthted shift knob. I haven't really dissect this wire to fully confirm, but it appears to be the power wire for the ashtray's illumination.

note: Since I can't figure out how to remove the entire ashtray assembly w/out removing the entire console to directly access the power wire, removing the tray w/ scroll cover is far easier to this task at hand. Should you remove this item and don't see any wire, then I suggest you fish for it w/ a coathanger. It depends on how your console was assembled that determines whether this power wire is easily accessible or not.

The rest is simply splicing the power wire, installing everything back on and checking it out. IMO, it's about as easy as it gets. I see no reason to remove the console to do this.

Lite shift knob connector info for all (m)

Posted by TedT on February 18, 2001 at 12:22:35:


I have installed my lit M5 shift knob. I had some parts left over from my lit shift knob for my M3. It turns out the mating connector for the connector attached to the knobs are the same. I had one left over and used it to connect to the place where I spliced in the cable to the ashtray wiring. This allows the shift knob and boot to be easily removed from the car if you want to change LED's or replace a burned out one. So I thought I would post the parts numbers and prices.

The black plastic connector is 61-13-1-378-108 and cost $1.25 (discounted)
You also need the metal pins to go into the connector - you attach the wires first and then push these into the connector. These are 61-13-1-376-202 and are $1.19 each - you need 2.