Accessing spark plugs

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Posted by DHoang on October 26, 2000 at 01:31:37:

For anyone who's interested in seeing what's underneath the cover of the M52 motor, here's a shot of my motor being unwrapped to access the spark plugs.

1) Pop out two cover plates (1" dia or so) w/ flathead screwdriver
2) unscrew two nuts holding cover onto engine block
3) remove oil fill cap and then remove the plastic cover.
4) Remove hex bolt securing each "BREMI" plug to engine. (See arrows).
5) Remove spark plug.

Note: "Bremi" plug does not fit tightly at all onto spark plug tip. It slides over spark plug w/out any tension or clipping whatsoever against the spark plug. Screwing on the bolt and diameter of plug collar maintains proper alignment.