Garage Door Opener install (long)

Posted by: Simon Leigh on 2002-05-01 at 08:42:35

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Finished my Garage Door Opener (GDO) in the roofliner install tonight. This is aimed more at non-US cars which do not normally have the UGDO switch panel on the roof behind the interior light panel. In summary I removed the interior light module, placed my re-modelled GDO in the space in the roofliner, drilled a small hole in the light cover for the switch and re-assembled. Fairly inconspicuous, GDO in good place for transmission, only requires replacement of light cover to remove.

1. Pop the light module out - 2 spring clips at the rear lets it swing down and out. There are 2 lugs at the front (windscreen side) so don't try levering this side.

2. Pop the cover off the light module - 2 snap locks front, 2 back, 1 each end. I used a paint tin lever to pry the cover off, just insert it anywhere and slide along and the snap locks will open up. It is obvious with the module out, but you can perform these 2 steps backwards (I did).

3. Re-model your GDO to fit inside the roof liner. I took mine out of the hard plastic case, sandwiched it between anti-static mat and wrapped it in plastic and taped it up. You also need to replace the old switch with another switch of your choice. I used the smallest push-on switch I could find at Tandy and ran some quite stiff wires from the GDO to the new switch.

4. Decide where in the light cover you want to place the new switch and mount it. In my case I mounted it in the clear part for the main light in front of the little down light. This gives enough clearance for the switch, but keeps it away from the bulb. I drilled a hole and mounted the switch with the small nut on the outside.

5. Place your GDO in the roofliner, thread the switch through the light module, there are lots of holes and reassemble. Done. I ran the wires through the hole for the left map light, around the moulding and into the reflector area for the main light. Just remember to keep the wires away from the bulbs (light = heat = melted wire)

I have pics to illustrate this but no way to post them. If someone would care to host them, email me and I will send them over.



Simon Leigh 96 528iA