Xenon Upgrade Fix Installation instructions

by Lefty@bmwtips.com


Here’s what is in the kit.

(4) wiretaps

(2) xenon upgrade fixes

(1) double sided tape

(1) instructions





To install them you will have to attach both leads to two leads that connect to the ballast.  Polarity as far as positive and negative shouldn’t matter.


1.       Locate the blasts on the back of your head light assembly.

2.      Locate the 12 volt DC leads that connect to the ballast.





You can connect them by soldering the links as I have done adding a connector for future maintenance and removal, or just crimp them on using the enclosed wiretaps.





Then you can either screw the ballasts onto the ballast bracket as in the picture then reinstall the bracket, or use the enclosed double sided tape, or zip tie the boxes to the bracket.





Here’s what it looks like installed.