Xenon Upgrade Fix

Installation Instructions

Do your get the this message after upgrading your halogens to Xenons?  
You can get rid of that warning message by getting a Xenon Upgrade Fix.  Works for all e39(5series) where "check low beam", message comes on when headlights are off.  

As of yet I have only tested this on one e46(3series)

Cost...$99.00 + shipping


Note: This fix is only to be installed on cars that DO NOT display a lowbeam error when headlights are turned ON.


Allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

(Please specify your shipping address)


Contact Lefty@bmwtips.com for questions or support.


How does it work?

These boxes are designed to check for resistance when the lights are off so the boxes that I have created will shut off the resistance application when power is turned on.  If for some reason some thing happens to the boxes they burn out with a open circuit so there is no danger of shorting anything.