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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Newbie FAQ 

  2. On-Board Diagnostics FAQ

  3. Euro-Delivery FAQ

  4. LA and General E39 resources FAQ

  5. Vehicle Recall - Service bulletins - Safety Ratings



  1. Wind noise from dash at 50 mph

  2. Tether strap for child seat

  3. Roof Racks

  4. How to install Parking Distance Control (PDC) option

  5. Setting OBC to show remaining fuel

  6. Best polish-glaze ever

  7. VIN decoding

  8. Door Panel Removal
    Door handle replacement

  9. Fixing Trunk Lock/Actuator

  10. Microfiber towel comparison

  11. Window Regulators Replacement

  12. Door Edge Protection Molding replacement
  13. Key Memory Options

  14. Basic Detailing
  15. Key re-initialise process
  16. All E39 Service light reset
  17. Camera Mount
  18. BMW E39 M-Sport Steering Wheel
  19. Retro-Fit
  20. E39 M-Sport Steering Wheel Side Pod Replacement
  21. Rattles Check List
  22. BMW Fire Extinguisher (.pdf 100k)
  23. Steptronic Mod (reverse shifter)
  24. Heater Blower Fuse 76 location
  25. Tool kit Warning Triangle
  26. Jacking Points



  1. Changing fluids

  2. Spark Plugs

  3. Location of port for service reset tool

  4. ASC Light Problem - light won't go off

  5. To Reset a Stuck Sun Roof

  6. Oil Change Procedures 2

  7. All E39 Service light reset

  8. Cowl Replacement
  9. Belt Replacement
  10. Differential Fluid change
  11. Jacking Points
  12. Foul A/C Smell
  13. Bleeding Brakes



  1. Part Number for rear console storage bin
  2. Rear Sunscreen

  3. Center console to storage bin upgrade and instructions

  4. Armrest - How to Tighten loose arm rest

  5. Euro-dash conversion

  6. Euro-StorageBin-Armrest Install

  7. M5 Deadpedal

  8. Turn off motion sensor

  9. Possible fix for a loose/clicking seat (Pt1)

  10. Seat clicking fix & seat disassebly (Pt 2)
    Seat Clicking Fix (Pt 3)

  11. Euro-Delivery - First Aid Kit

  12. Steering Wheel Remove

  13. 98 540i Sport Steering Wheel Installed

  14. Armrest - Untimate Guide to Armrest

  15. Remove E39 Center Console

  16. Remove Drivers seat clip for more leg room

  17. Seat removal - written procedures

  18. ID'd & Fixed front seat sagging problem

  19. Softened lumbar support (archive)

  20. Cup holder fix

  21. Creaking Seats
  22. OEM Center Console Cupholder/Cooler


Body Styling Tips

  1. AC Schnitzer Sport Mirror Installation

  2. M5 grill installation photos

  3. Picture on how to install an S5 bumper

  4. Bumper - Instructions for installing E39 Rear Bumper and Color Matched Side Mouldings

  5. M-Technic/M5 bumper upgrade

  6. Mudflap Instuctions

  7. How to notch your rear bumper

  8. 2001 bumper install instructions

  9. Aspheric mirrors upgrade

  10. Window Trim Strip replacement instructions

  11. De-badging made easy
  12. Paint Chip Repair
  13. M5 Wheel Liner install
  14. Wheel Tools
  15. Front Bumper Spoiler




  1. Xenon Headlight Adjustment Procedure
    º Replacing broken headlamp adjusters

  2. Review on all Xenon options

  3. Review of Philips H7 bulb
  4. Check Lowbeam Lights fix for aftermarket HID/Xenon upgrade

    º Pictures of similar Resistor pack
  5. Removing and Disassembling Headlights

  6. How to Polish plastic headlight lenses

  7. Installing Front Clear Corner Lenses

  8. BMW Rear Fog Lights

    º Update

  9. City lights

  10. Angel Eye Head Lamp Installation

    º Angel Eye Head Lamp Reference

    º Instructions for Angel Eyes wiring harness

    º Wiring harness PDF

    º Hella Halo Instructions PDF

    º 2001 headlight harness final parts list

  11. 2001 rear lamp conversion completed (long)

  12. Hella Clear Lense instructions PDF

  13. Hella Celis Tail Light Instructions PDF

    º Tail Light conversion leaks water

  14. E39 replacement bulb
Engine Trans & Exhaust

  1. Transmission and Tranny Fluid Chart
  2. Engine Oil Chart
  3. Installing Dinan Cold Air Intake
  4. Exhaust - Sounds and Specifications
  5. Homemade  HD Technik CAI 

  6. CAI Warnings

  7. Installing E39 SuperSprint Exhaust
  8. CDV (Clutch Delay Valve) Removal

  9. Intake leak causing increased engine growl
  10. Battery ($90 instead of $300)

  11. Advice on Installing UUC short shifter

  12. Installing Lighted M Knob

  13. Turning off ASC/DSC on Ignition

  14. Valve cover and gasket install
  15. Head gasket / Valve cover install
  16. Reversing Tiptronic Shift Pattern

  17. Auxiliary Fan test/fix
  18. ESS Super Charger Install
  19. ESS Super Charger Install .pdf
  20. ECU Removal Instructions
  21. Over heating check list
  22. Replacing the thermostat
  23. Camshaft Position Sensor replacement
  24. Clutch Delay Valve Modification
  25. O2 Sensor Replacement
  26. Radiator vent valve
  27. Oil filter housing

Brakes Wheels & Suspension

  1. Wheel Repair Resources Listed by State

  2. Wheel Styles index
    Wheel Styles index II

  3. TIRE SIZE Calculator
  4. Wheel shimmy checklist

  5. Wheel Spacer Notes

  6. Homemade Wheel Guide

  7. Changing disc brake pads
  8. Installation Instructions for Rear Big Brake Kit by Zeckhausen

  9. My experiences with the differrent brake pads!

  10. Brake dust prevention

  11. How to change your E39 front wheel bearings by Zeckhausen

  12. Koni Sport Shock Application Guide
    for E39 Sedan and Touring Models

  13. Eibach Sport Springs Application Guide

  14. Porsche brake installation in a 2000 BMW 540i 6-Speed by Zeckhausen

  15. Differential Upgrade

  16. Differential Swap procedure
    Differential Fluid change

  17. M5 Differential upgrade (pics only) by Zeckhausen

  18. Wheel Locks - Ultimate Guide
  19. One Man Bleeder
  20. Wheel Rash Repair
  21. Sway Bar Install by Zeckhausen
    Sway Bar Install
  22. Vehicle Brake Information
  23. Bleeding Brakes



  1. Setting DSP for a Flat response

  2. Wiring diagram for Premium Sound

  3. Removing Rear Woofer

  4. Speaker Locations and Directions

  5. Hidden DSP radio codes

  6. MBQuart Speaker Upgrade Project

  7. E39 DSP stereo database archive

  8. non-DSP Wiring Diagram

  9. non-DSP E39 speaker color codes
  10. Front Speaker Installation

  11. DSP analyzed...

  12. ADS PDF on BMW wiring

  13. M audio upgrade review  

  14. MP3/aux input Install

  15. XM Radio Oct-02

  16. Bass Link Upgrade

  17. My business CD install

  18. Cassette Door Fix

  19. CD Changer Install
  20. CD Changer - Cleaning
  21. Alpine MP3 Changer

    º With FM modulator

    º Soundgate vs Blitzsafe adapters
  22. CD Changer Fan

  1. Nav Service Mode and TV upgrade


  3. Aftermarket Nav VDO MS 5000 Installation

  4. Voice Recognition for 2000- NAV

  5. Backup Camera for Nav

  6. MkII - MkIII Conversion 
  7. NAV demo mode instructions

  8. TV on Nav for MK I units (1997 E39)



  1. Nokia Cellular Phone Mounting Solution for BMW

  2. Cell phone connector pinout in center console

  3. Cell Phone Wiring E39 E38 E46
  4. Put a Nokia car kit in a '98 5er

  5. Installing a Valentine One Radar Detector
  6. BMW E39 Alarm Siren Replacement

  7. Another Nokia phone install

  8. Nextel Cell phone Install

  9. Exploring the 528, 4 Function OBC

  10. UGDO install instructions.

  11. UGDO Range Extender

  12. Radar Hardwire for Ignition on

  13. CPT8000 System Components (7mb .pdf)
  14. CPT8000 Connector and Wiring Diagrams (800k .pdf)



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